On-demand remote asset management, inspection and video. Safe, sophisticated and enterprise ready. 



 Drone infrastructure inspection

Visualize remote assets in real time or receive conclusive reports based on the assets you require regular inspections for. Our aircraft and operators adhere to strict flight and safety regulations and fly clear of the assets they are inspecting to increase safety during operation. Save time and money outsourcing and get rapid information from a singular source to schedule routine maintenance. The data captured by SkyDeploy can be shared via the cloud for instant communication between your asset management teams. 

Thermal Imagery

 Aerial thermal Imagery

Thermal imagery offers huge advantages for rooftop and solar panel inspections and various insurance operations. Using FLIR cameras mounted on sleek industrial UAVs, SkyDeploy can clearly identify temperature anomalies on most surfaces and scan large areas in short amounts of time. The information is then compiled in an easy to read report with key insights highlighted and identified. Partner in SkyDeploy UAVs and our operators with your inspectors or contract SkyDeploy to perform regular area scans based on a pre-determined set of asset locations. SkyDeploy is fully equipped, trained and certified to conduct flights in difficult to reach areas and insured with the highest possible liability.

unmanned & safe

 Drone inspections with zoom.

We eliminate the need for manual inspection and the risk of crashing into assets by inspecting from a distance. SkyDeploy inspection UAVs can also stream footage to a central hub to reduce physical presence on site for your inspectors and ensure no additional travel expense is incurred unless necessary. SkyDeploy operators will fly a specialized drone nearby the asset under inspection. Because we utilize sophisticated zoom cameras such as the DJI Z30, SkyDeploy aerial inspections can provide the image clarity needed to carry out initial inspections. Inspectors then are only required to investigate problem areas, significantly increasing their efficiency and productivity. Reduce capital, human resources and training costs required to perform aerial inspections and contract SkyDeploy for safe inspections from an aerial perspective.


professional video 

 Drone Aerial Video And Photography

Make your marketing or property stand out with professional cinema grade aerial video or photography. We take quality and professionalism seriously and only work with industry standard equipment and workflows. Our certified pilots know and can practice cinematic movements with DJI Inspire 2 aircraft equipped with X5S or if required X7 cameras. From basic real estate property showcases to full cinematic sequences SkyDeploy pilots have the experience and expertise to present polished deliverables. If you want an on-demand UAV operator or require full start to finish production SkyDeploy has a network of pilots that can deliver professional work. SkyDeploy also has an in-house video production team that can execute from raw video to finished deliverable. Pricing is quoted on a per project basis. . Our platform is capable of capturing crisp video ranging from Full HD, 4K Apple ProRes, 5.2K CineDNG or Apple ProRes, and full 6K CineDNG, as well as capable of performing broadcast quality live streaming.

linear mapping

 Drone aerial linear mapping.

Much like the mapping services offered by SkyDeploy for building information modelling and digital terrain modelling SkyDeploy can efficiently implement the same techniques to create detailed linear maps of corridors. Industry leading surveying and engineering firms estimate that the use of drones or unmanned aircraft systems along with the correct processing for this type of survey could result in a time and cost savings of 60 percent compared to conventional techniques. Every project is different and requires a specific set of skills. Contracting SkyDeploy is an economical means of reducing costs for your operations and passing on the complexities of unmanned flight to the expert team at SkyDeploy.

search and rescue


Search and Rescue is an exercise where speed can make all the difference in protecting a life.  Get in contact with us to create a first responder strategy where SkyDeploy operators team up and afford rescuers with an efficiently deployable aerial thermal and aerial video imaging system. Capable of live streaming from the air to a central location from the combination of thermal and zoom cameras dramatically accelerates the search for missing people by highlighting risks and can even see through dense foliage. SkyDeploy is covered by the highest possible liability insurance coverage available and is fully compliant with all Transport Canada regulations for UAV flight in these situations. The first step is reaching out to discuss your possible search and rescue solutions with one of our executives. We will work directly with local law enforcement and other relevant parties to formulate the most concrete plan for a drone equipped first responder program.




Special pricing for reoccurring projects.

Maximum site size is 100 acres. Additional quote for sites over 100 acres.

 DJI Z30 zoom camera wind mill inspection example.
 FLIR Thermal Camera Showcase

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