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What is Skydeploy?

SKYDEPLOY is a professional drone service provider operating in Canada. We specialize in agricultural crop scouting, construction project management, survey, remote inspection, orthomosaic precision mapping, and many other industries which are complimented by the data unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) can provide.

SKYDEPLOY owns and operates a fleet of industrial grade drone aircraft. We operate under full compliance of Transport Canada rules and carry full liability insurance coverage. All of our operators are professionally trained and licensed.

Our UAVs are equipped with the latest technology; infrared sensors, telescopic zoom cameras, thermal sensors - all to detect and uncover details and trends simply not visible with consumer equipment - to help you make better decisions, quicker.

We deliver detailed mapping and imaging data such as plant health in simple formats, easy to understand. Our mission is to help you make the most informed decisions surrounding your project, helping you maximize efficiency and profitability. Leave the complexities of flight regulations and image processing to our team of professionals.


Get in touch, tell us what your mission is. How could an advanced drone provide a solution to a challenge in your business? We promise to get in touch the same day and work directly with you to accomplish your mission.

Skilled Compliant Insured Equipped.

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