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Connecting businesses and growers with valuable aerial data that enables quicker decisions. Our mission is to make remote sensing, aerial data acquisition and unmanned inspection through drones simple, safe and affordable.



Equipped with multi-spectral sensors, our drone fleet is flown professionally and can detect plant health via infrared sensors. We provide insights that can directly increase profits through early detection of plant stress. Allow us to provide you with quick, actionable information to reduce costs, save time and grow your farm to become more profitable. 

DRone based

We deliver aerial inspection reports supported by high sensitivity thermal sensors and telescopic zoom cameras that are safe and follow all Transport Canada regulations. Close-quarter UAV structural inspections save time and money while delivering invaluable insights that are not possible through traditional methods. 

surveying &

Our ability to use unmanned aerial vehicles in conjunction with industry standard GIS equipment opens up possibilities for data acquisition and precision down to the centimeter. Project oversight and progress has never been easier to track using our cloud based platform and export to your desired file type, providing you with a holistic view of your operations. 

risk mitigation, precision inspection, cost savings.

Skilled Compliant insured equipped.
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