Building information modelling, project documentation and measurement. Delivered.


Orthomosaic survey


Results in hours, not weeks. Site documentation in a fraction of the time from an aerial perspective. Get a bird's eye view of your site and reduce ambiguity throughout large projects. Track project progress over time with sequential site maps and improve communication across teams. Although not a replacement for engineering grade surveys SkyDeploy implements the same equipment to complement architectural and site surveys with 3D models as well as highly accurate orthomasaic maps. Centimetre level accuracy is delivered in a fraction of the time.

Easy measurements


There are situations where site documentation requires a high degree of accuracy to enable accurate measurement. SkyDeploy offers centimetre accuracy using industry standard RTK geo-positioning technology to make drone generated maps extremely accurate. Get survey grade accuracy in linear measurements including area and distance. We are able to provide mapping at centimetre-level precision in a fraction of the time of traditional methods. Drone-based mapping is being adopted in many industries because of the quick turn-around time from start to finish and easily sharable formats over a cloud-based platform your whole team can annotate and collaborate with.

fast volumetrics


Volume measurements have never been so simple. Instantly determine volumes, areas and fill quantities on your worksites. Easily figure out the difference between current overall site grade and the proposed finish grade in a time sensitive manner using SkyDeploy mapping services. Large sites can be scanned and processed in 1-3 hours and the results are instantly viewable on any platform and easily exportable to design or BIM software. Measuring the elevation of earthworks using traditional methods compared to aerial data is very expensive and time-consuming. Contact SkyDeploy today to build a site plan mapping process that fits with your needs.


Terrain mapping


Every map we create includes terrain contour maps for easy reference. This set of data is what allows you to easy calculate volume and the land area from any device simply by drawing a perimeter around an area of interest. With a minimal investment of time and money, you can complete analysis that would otherwise take much longer and be much more expensive. Faster data collection leads to higher ROI.

Data export


Easily export any of our aerial imagery to your industry standard file format. After flying a mission the data is uploaded and processed into convenient imagery that's delivered through an orthmosaic map which includes elevation mapping and 3D models of the site. Contact us to find out more about the deliverables we can support.

Share Easily


Easily perform the comparative analysis of historical site maps through imagery and models that are easily viewed on any browser or mobile device. Annotate and share.  All of our services are cloud-based. So whether you are at your desktop at home, or on your mobile phone half-way around the world, you always have access to your project. Remote site monitoring & inspection have never been easier. 




RMS accuracy up to 10mm,10mm,25mm (vertical) through PPK or RTK.

Special pricing for reoccurring projects.

Maximum site size is 100 acres. Additional quote for sites over 100 acres.

 Types of terrain modelling with drones. Mapping and volume measurements.