Drones have a BRIGHT future in farming.


No longer do you have to rely on costly, time-intensive methods of collecting aerial crop data such as satellite imagery or manned aircraft.

We want to make leveraging a drone easy. Leave the flying and processing to our experts. Avoid the hassle with flight regulations, liability insurance, expensive hardware and software. 

SKYDEPLOY will plan, arrive, fly, capture, analyze and deliver.

Using plant health algorithms, we can identify key areas of crop stress and diagnose problems such as pests, disease, irrigation or fertilizer issues, and more. Once we provide you with a complete picture of what's happening in your field, you can work with your agronomist to diagnose and treat issues quickly and effectively. 

we capture and deliver actionable crop intelligence. on Demand.

Raw map captured from drone, not much is visible. There isn't much information we can see without using computers to analyze the information captured by the image.



Using computer vision we can run more specific analysis which looks for:


  • Plant Disease

  • Water Stress

  • Plant Stress

  • Irrigation and Drainage Issues

  • Ground Elevation

  • Anticipated Crop Yield 


how does it work?

Healthy plants reflect more NEAR INFRARED LIGHT.

Pre-emergence image of winter wheat. 



Information which is measurable allows for:


  • Plant Population Reporting

  • Stand Count Analysis

  • Weed Identification

  • Pest Detection

  • Flowering Estimations

  • Tree Population Reporting

  • Estimate Crop Loss


It's simple; plants show us their health

Plants that are healthier tend to reflect more green light than red light, which is why they look green. Plants also reflect near-infrared light that is invisible to the naked eye, but can be detected with near-infrared sensors. 

We use sensors that measure how much NIR each plant in the field reflects and from that we can determine plant vigour. 

What we know is that NDVI (normalized difference vegetation index) has been trusted since it's first use in satellites through the early 60's. NDVI is a effective way of measuring plant health.



We want to help make you more profitable


Don't worry about investing in a drone for your business. Let us do the work for you.