OPERATION PROPOSAL: 4165 Upper Middle Road Condominium Complex 

Roof inspection for weather damage caused by storm.


Two inspection sites total with high image overlap. Optional thermal inspection for breaks in insualtion if requested. Engineering grade data required.


Launch sites marked must be restricted from traffic and personnel not involved in the operation.

Controlled Airspace, operation to be coordinated and approved by Transport Canada & Nav Canada prior to commencement.

Site Security and Overview

Areas marked in green: Inspection sites.
Areas marked in red: Possible safety risks. High attention required.

High Security Area:

This area will require constant attention when the inspection of the southern site is underway and the UAV aircraft is in the air. SKYDEPLOY visual observer personnel must have Visual Line of Sight with this high security area. If pedestrians are present they must be diverted. Total flight time for this inspection site: approx 25 minutes.

Warning area:

Since the UAV will approach within 100 lateral feet of these structures, the land owners will be notified prior to operation. This will be handled by SKYDEPLOY staff.

Launch Sites:

The primary launch site must be blocked off for operations to commence. A sterile area indicated by the red polygon indicates where SKYDEPLOY personnel and Pilot in Command will be during the operation. The alternate launch site is on standby in the event primary is not compliant with safety thresholds.


Operational Notes:

The following operation is classified as COMPLEX due to numerous airspace requirments and proximity to traffic and secondary structutres not subject of the inspection. Special approval required from Transport Canada. SKYDEPLOY maintains 6.25 million dollar liability insurance.