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Stand count 

 Stand counts

Get the full picture of what's going on through your crops stand count. Skip manual evaluation of stand establishment and use SkyDeploy to get on demand flight and analysis services. We use tools from Aglytix and Agremo to evaluate your entire crop on a plant-by-plant basis, providing a complete picture of your field. Our analysis evaluates potential economic losses and gives growers the insight  on whether to replant or stay the course. Just tell us what crop, maturity and area you'd like to stand count. SkyDeploy will plan, fly and deliver the data required quickly and in a detailed report.

Measure health 

 Multispectral NDVI and NDRE

Using infrared imagery, quickly identify areas of your field under stress. The flexibility of multispectral cameras allows for a variety of studies to be conducted once images of your crop are captured from above. SkyDeploy aims to make gaining these actionable insights as easy as possible. We do all the flying, data upload & processing and provide you with the findings. Following flight, your crop information is stitched together and the condition of your entire field is available to you. The data can break down your fields into zones detailing important yield maximizing decisions and areas to monitor closely. 

damage claims 

 Fair loss crop claims.

Mother nature is unpredictable. Following inclement weather or unforeseen circumstances, ensure you are being compensated fairly for your anticipated yield loss using our imagery. Faster and far more accurate than walking your fields and estimating damage, SkyDeploy will arrive, fly to collect imagery of the entire field and deliver a precise crop loss report. Conventional methods of assessing crop damage are time intensive, expensive and highly variable. Using SkyDeploy's fleet of drones, we provide an on-demand, precise and affordable way to analyze the unexpected. Contact us following an unexpected event and SkyDeploy will immediately fly and deliver the information required to begin your claim workflow.


IDentify irrigation issues

 Look for field zones with poor irrigation.

Issues with irrigation are only typically noticed once extensive visible damage has occurred. Regular flights allow us to monitor plant stress and identify possible issues in field irrigation. Using crop and terrain elevation data, we can connect the dots between water stressed plants, terrain elevation and irrigation issues. We can also monitor and detect critical time windows for optimizing plant growth and increasing yields through controlled water application when rainfall is inadequate. SkyDeploy can fly at recurring regular intervals to ensure your fields are on track to generate high yields come harvest-time. 

diagnose pests & Disease

 Look for pests and diseases.

Avoid disaster. Get infestations & outbreaks under control quickly, using vegetation indices to detect crop stress from pests like aphids, cutworms, nematodes or diseases such as rust, mildew, blue mould, ring rot and blight. Damage from larger animals can also be identified giving you an upper hand when it comes to pest prevention. Advanced aerial imagery of your crops can identify issues from a distance and cover large amounts of surface area in short amounts of time. The application of thermal imaging can also be utilized to track plant canopy temperature and spot problems before they become chronic issues. Contact SkyDeploy for a full breakdown of our crop intelligence solutions.

pinpoint prescriptions

 Create zoned prescriptions maps for crop inputs based on drone data. 

Comprehensive and reccurring field analysis provided by SkyDeploy makes identifying areas needing different treatments within the same field easy. Variable rate prescriptions can be assigned & applied for pesticide, fungicide and nitrogen application to get your fields producing to their full potential. The zone maps generated by SkyDeploy drone imagery can be customized and exported to multiple GIS and GNSS platforms you already use. Everything is also conveniently stored in the cloud so you don't have to worry about technical issues when it comes to viewing the maps that matter. Access them on any device, including mobile phones or tablets. Ground truth the data and quickly adjust prescriptions to match crop requirements. We can create customized crop scouting plans that span an entire season or specific points in time that are critical to your crop and operations. 

NDVI Explained _Bigger.png
 Multiple forms of NDVI crop analysis output.